Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Boring not Roaring!

Yesterday I went lion hunting!
One of the joys of living in Africa is seeing animals in their natural habitat. The ones I saw yesterday looked a bit unnatural though. I know that we cannot leave man eating carnivores to roam our fields freely and that even the definition of wild in South Africa involves some sort of electric fence, but I felt very sad yesterday when I saw the bored and depressed looking lions lolling around in their enclosures, the tiger (not even indigenous to our part of the world) prowling up and down while his mate tucked into what looked like a leg of lamb neatly butchered and recently defrosted. In a separate part of the lion park the cubs were enjoying a game of tag like overgrown playful kittens on a tyre swing and two tiger cubs were in a separate cage waiting for the public who had bought tickets, to interact with them.

Assorted buck and giraffe lined our drive into the park, not even a little curious, as we drove almost underneath them, they just carried on feeding. Great for photo opportunities but I don't feel any accomplishment at these photographs, just sad that we have taken beautiful wildlife and turned them into overfed and bored 'tamelife'.

NB. I have had wonderful game experiences at Shamwari, Pumba and Addo.

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  1. What a trip though - sounds exciting to we Britishers. I saw a baby rabbit yesterday and we have ducks in the back garden. No ferocious wild beasties though...