Thursday, March 11, 2010

Curiouser and Curiouser

I have had enough of reality! Perhaps that's why I so loved watching Alice in Wonderland yesterday. A trip down the rabbit hole was just what I needed.

TV seems to be obsessed with recording the dreary everyday dramas that people are faced with and the viewing public seem to find them entertaining. Not I! I cant think of anything more awful than watching domestic squabbles, screaming and ill disciplined children, people who are too lazy to clean getting their houses spruced up and endless medical procedures. On the other hand - my better half seems to be addicted to them. He is a confirmed stress junkie and reality TV just feeds his addiction.

I was appalled one evening to hear the most awful screaming coming from the corner of the TV room - some poor woman had dislocated her shoulder and as she waited to be attended to every whelp of agony sent a wave of nausea through me - it must of been pretty awful for her too. A while later I slipped on some wet tiles at home and as I lay with my shoulder securely wedged under my nose - I got to experience exactly how she felt but the knowledge of what was to come would have been better left to my imagination.

The previous generation would have been amused that for entertainment these days,we watch people cut, skin, chop and slice onions. I come from a family of domestic goddesses but culinary chores were something done out of necessity not for entertainment. Entertainment was getting away from the everyday drudgery of life, escaping into a world of glamour, fun and make believe. Life is tough enough without watching it in our leisure time.

I don't really want to watch people have dentistry or fight like cat and dog to get a job with a captain of industry. Neither do I want to witness the desperate amongst us eat worms or wrestles snakes to win a million. Who are the real winners here? Perhaps the TV companies who no longer have to pay scriptwriters, actors, artists and camera crew to create masterpieces that feed our souls and stretch our imagination. Who are the losers - why us of course. Our world is much poorer lived in a black and white documentary.

I came away from the film keen to read the book again - considered one of the most characteristic of the literary nonsense genre. A little bit of nonsence is necessary for a healthy imagination. Well done Tim Burton for this adaptation!


  1. Excellently written and Hear Hear. I too cannot stand these reality tv shows. I read books and watch TV and Films for escapism. I love letting my imagination run and reality tv just does not allow for that.

  2. I love the imagination of the writers of things like Lost, Fringe and Flashforward and I am thoroughly immersed in reruns of Star Trek. Glee is bordering on surreal and I love that too. But here is the confession.....I am glued to Holby and Casualty too!!!

  3. I think I like a little of both...and am looking forward to taking E to see AinW in 3D. We're also in the middle of Season 4 of 'The Wire' - I wouldn't recommend it if you're looking for escapism!