Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dear John...

The man that I married has changed a little! He is still a colourful character as you can see. In case you are wondering - that's not his real hair. What's left of his hair is under there.
In fact I've changed too. For a start there is a little more of me to love than when we first met and everything seems to be sliding south no matter how hard I try to keep it off and firm it up! The amazing thing is we have remained the same age mentally. We still laugh at the same things and fight over the same things. We enjoy the same music too.

Mr Gee was dressed up like this as we were going to the Elton John concert in Port Elizabeth. As luck would have it - in the middle of a six month drought - the rain just heaved down for an hour before and during the concert, which was held in an open air venue! Port Elizabethans are by nature, real troopers, so we pitched up and got drenched while watching Elton perform.

Elton has changed too! He was a colourful character, in dress and in personality. Now aged 63 he is a pudgy pensioner who seems to have lost his passion for his art. You cannot fault his technical ability, he was pitch and piano perfect, but he forgot that he was performing to an audience who expected a little conversation and a little gratitude for having paid R400 a piece to stand in the rain and listen to him. He performed a few of his early numbers which were thoroughly enjoyed, but his newer stuff is positively depressing and well.... OLD!

Elton, your candle has blown out in the wind! Your yellow brick road has said goodbye and while we made a sacrifice to come and hear you - You only came to the show in body - your mind and spirit, I suspect, was tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle and a slab of fruit and nut!

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