Monday, April 26, 2010

A Divine Intervention

I was stuck at home yesterday - literally, because we live in the middle of the route taken by the Ironman athletes, so it was a day of, relaxation, recovery and reflection.

Relaxation, because it was Sunday and that sort of gives us permission to relax. we did try to do a bit of gardening but the Garden Centre was closed because of the event so out came the lounger and I reclined with my book - for about 20 minutes - and then I just napped for the rest of the morning. After lunch the knitting needles were put into action and clicked away until bedtime!

Recovery, because I have had a busy couple of weeks helping out with the grandchildren as their mum was in hospital. I have no idea how I coped with my four sons and managed to get them dressed and out of the house in time for school. Or how I got myself showered and dressed when they were babies. I remember it as hard work but I forgotten just how hard it is to dry hair and put on make up while trying to distract a one year old from pushing the open/close button on the DVD. On top of it all,the six year old had a birthday party on Saturday so there was baking, icing, and assorted party games to organise including the artwork for a unicorn to get my head around! The celebration was a big success so the relaxation was well earned.

I have been reflecting this morning on my decision to take time out and live more deliberately. Its tough decision to give up something that is well paid and that you love and do well but in retrospect, I wouldn't have been able to do any on the above had I had continued. I would have missed the early morning smiles and outstretched arms of my grandson at 6am and the warm powdery snuggle after his evening bath. I would have missed a sneak preview of my granddaughters ballet concert and her squeal of delight when I fetched her early from school.

I also wouldn't have been available to spend valuable time with two friends who were stranded here because of the volcanic airspace catastrophe, nor would I have been able to visit Cape Town and spend much needed time with a friend whose husband is battling with cancer and has had to spend many hours in the isolation unit supporting him.

My reflexologist - who I must tell you about soon - called this year's decision "A Divine Intervention." I am inclined to believe that she is so right!


  1. So so true and you deserved that day off.

  2. It sounds like a grand day in! I think I've inherited your 'divine intervention'. I've got exactly 5 weeks of work to go before throwing it all in the air for freelancing and studying. Yikes! Hope the patient is feeling much, much better. The party sounds like great fun!

    PS: the word verification is hottess! anagram (almost) hostess!