Monday, April 12, 2010

The 'coming out' of a closet knitter.

I love knitting! There I have said it out loud in a public forum and without shame! Here in SA they haven't yet caught on that knitting is not only a creative and respectable hobby but also is experiencing a huge revival in Europe and other parts of the world. We knitters are not encouraged to discuss the intricacies of cable or the tactile qualities of the latest yarn in public and if one is to mention that we in the throws (excuse the pun) of knitting then, a pitying glance is cast (another one, sorry) our way.

I have been knitting since childhood but I wasn't very good at it. My mother was an expert and my older sisters talented with all things that involved needles and threads. It was only when I was expecting my first baby that I was driven to produce a knitted matinee set - very retro these days! I bought my pattern and wool but had no idea that there were different thickness or ply, or that it mattered. When I had finished the cardigan and bootees, they would have fitted my son on his first day at school! I had used double knitting wool for a 3ply pattern on large needles! However the result was beautiful and my proud mother showed all the neighbours that what her talented daughter had knit. She had long given up on the idea that I would accomplish anything that involved wool.

I did improve and once I understood the impact of ply, needlesize and tension I became quite an expert. Aran knitting is a favourite and when we arrived in SA the 5 men in my life were wearing matching Aran sweaters - people used to stop us in the street when they wore them to ask where they were purchased. I preened like a peacock - or would that be a mother hen!

Knitting is so therapeutic and I love the rythumn my needles create and as the stitch pattern develops I allow my mind to mull over the days concerns and relax. I come up with some creative solutions and ideas while I am knitting or sometimes I just watch TV and my busy hands make me feel that I am not wasting valuable time - in other words knitting keeps me relaxed and sane while at the same time I create some useful and beautiful things!

Above is my latest knit - Each year I knit a furry creation for my grandaughter and she loves them - I like to think that she is wearing a hug from her Nanee when she wears them! I have knit ponchos, jerseys, socks, hats and scarves in a variety of yarn and colours and the selection of patterns just gets better and better. I am so thrilled that it is back in fashion and am eager to take my knitting outside soon so please dont feel sorry for me. I love knitting!!


  1. Well, you know I'm a convert already...have you signed up at yet? I'm sure you'll find some fellow SA knitters on one of the forums/groups there. Am still knitting the Christmas socks for my two...must try harder.

  2. Yay so glad, tired of people asking me how Old are you? when I say I am knitting, its such a therapeutic and productive past time.
    Here Here for the knitters of the world. Plus I want my daughter to learn too and if her Mum doesn't teach her then who will.