Saturday, May 22, 2010


My last blog got me thinking about friendship and a casual remark that I made to a friend that I seem to have some pretty original ones - people who are quite special - people who have the courage to be who they want to be. My friend replied that I am like that and that is why I seek them out as friends. I am not so sure - I think that I keep myself reined in - I haven't developed the courage yet to say, do and dress as I think. I think I am attracted to them because they are who I would like to be - not who I am.

I have a friend who dresses in amazing outfits, wears animal prints, bold gold jewelry and always looks fabulous. She has an obsession with the colour orange and she stands out in a crowd like a bright orange beacon - warm, glowing and inviting - even if she is wearing black! She is style with a capital 'S and B-B-Bling with everything and she can carry it off. I wish I had the courage to paint myself like a canvas and wear bright colours and outrageous hats without feeling silly.

Another friend is an environmentalist. A green warrior who has had the courage to take on the government and big companies and tell them where to stick their pollution and bad smells! She is passionate about nature and the world in which she lives and lives an organic life - Healthy, Clean and Natural. I believe in all she does but - I am too lazy to recycle and the gym police are always on my case! I wish I had the energy, passion and conviction to be green and the courage to tell WasteTech where to dump themselves!

Then there is my friend who seems to have been born without the part of the brain which filters speech. She just says it like it is and has no pretensions. If she tastes something that she doesn't like - she pulls a face that would stop a clock and says Yuk! Hence she doesn't do sushi or other trendy food that most people swallow just to be in fashion. If she likes it, she buys it - her house is an eclectic and gaudy gathering - no safe beiges or classic cream elements. It's kitsch and uncoordinated, warm and welcoming. Her earrings don't match her outfits and instead of asking her hairdresser what would suit her, she tells her to shut up and put the red flashes in that she is craving. I admire her honesty and openness and I wish I was less with concerned doing and saying the right thing.

What would I do without my friend who cares deeply about just about everyone not just family, friends - of whom she has many - but strangers too. She struggles to sleep and I am sure it's because she cares so much about others. When anyone I know is in trouble, she is there helping, healing and holding them up. Supportive and sensitive she has the special knack of being present without intruding and the quality and depth of her listening is immense. I wish I had her ability to express the care and concern for others that I feel.

I am blessed with many wonderful friends with different personalities and qualities that I admire. Perhaps it isn't a coincidence that I am surrounded by these people. I think they are in my life to teach me and remind me to have the courage to be the ME I am meant to BE!


  1. That is such a lovely post.

  2. Quite agree - what a lovely post - sounds like you have some great friends.

  3. I think it is not so much that your friends are there to teach you to be you, but because, if we're lucky, we accumulate friends from different times in our lives, so we have different things in common. Not only do we change over time, but our circumstances do too. The best friends are the ones with whom you feel as though you've never been appart however long it's been. And some of them will be the sort of person you aspire to be!