Sunday, May 16, 2010

Its a Mad Mad World!

We live in a strange world - No really - and it's getting stranger every day!Take the weekends' local paper. I usually like to glance through the papers in the morning - scan the headlines to see if we are at war or if there is a sale at my favourite WW store or anything important. Then check the hatches, matches and dispatches in case anyone I know has had a baby (highly unlikely at my age); to check if I know anyone who has died (more likely at my age); or if I have perhaps popped my clogs and no one has informed me (very likely knowing my family). In the evening when I have finished all that the day requires of me I like to sit down and relax with the paper and a nice glass of something chilled.

Last night was no different and I was struck by the absurdity of the news. One single page contained a bazaar selection of articles that make you ask "What is our World coming to?" Included is the article about the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy, and his wife, Carla Bruni, keeping heads of state waiting while they have sex. Apparently a new book reveals that they are often fashionably late for appointments and arrive flushed and breathless at state banquets, meetings with politicians and have even kept The Queen waiting while they indulge in a little "Oh La La" or shall we rather say, "Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh Mon Dieu! Oui!! Ahh Lah Lah!" things must be looking up for Carla Bruni as Monsieur Sarkozy's second wife, Cecelia, was reported to have accused him of bringing numerous young women back to the Elysee Palace for "late night karaoke sessions". I sipped my wine and chuckled.

A little further down under a photograph of a very smug looking Sarkozy (now we know why), is a horrendous photograph that takes you back to those awful images of the holocaust. A report of Zimbabwean prisons compares them to Nazi concentration camps and it makes my blood boil that the world turn a blind eye to the genocide in Zimbabwe where many thousands of Zimbabweans are dying in prison while awaiting trial so even before being convicted of an offence they are being executed! Why the super powers stand idly by while Mad Bob getter more senile I do not understand? I downed the rest of my glass in one and refilled it

Below this is a report of Disco Gran 'Mamy Rock' who bordering her three score years and ten, is in much demand as a rock DJ. Like a modern day Jekyll and Hyde she is a parish councillor in the UK by day but when the sun goes down she launches herself into the clubbing stratosphere wearing leopard skin tops, gold chains - "Strewth!" - and dark glasses (well you would wouldn't you will all those flashing lights playing havoc with your bifocals - not to mention all those crows feet to hide!). I truly admire people who defy the age barrier but it seems a little extreme and I wondered, as I sipped my Chardonnay, if she enjoys a glass of fortified wine, uses her bus pass to travel to travel to gigs and how she keeps her spiky grey locks from puncturing her hair net!

The pièce de résistance though has to be the news that now you can send your beloved Teddy Bear on holiday! Yes, while a third of the world's population are starving those over stuffed, over wealthy and under intelligent now can send their life long friends to Finland and indulge them with a tour of a reindeer farm and a once in a lifetime experience of the nightlife in Rovaniem. There is a summer and a winter programme to choose from and its a snip at R1 597. I am sure that Mr Bean has already booked his best friend, Teddy, for both excursions and will be waiting anxiously for a post card.

Reality is stranger than fiction!In the words of Tears for Fears it is indeed "A Mad Mad World" we live in with skewed values, unbalanced wealth and worse still is the knowledge that we made it so!

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