Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dance like no one's watching!

"Work like you don't need money,
Love like you've never been hurt,
And dance like no one's watching."

I think that many of us have seen this quote or one like it and resolved to live our lives spontaneously - in the now! I have no problem with the first two lines of this quote but its very difficult to dance like no one is watching unless ..... no one is watching!
Dancing is such a personal expression of how we are feeling and all us wear masks when we are in the public arena which is where more dance floors are. I have always admired those who walk amongst us who have the courage to be different - to express their truly authentic self and if I consider my friends there are many who fall into this category. I was out on Thursday night with two of them and my lovely daughter-in-law.
One very special friend is the Queen of Bling and always a delight to be with. Everything about her shines from her red hair to her her golden heart to her diamante shoes. Her hubby was away watching soccer and she needed a night out.
Another special friend was with us. She has just been away for six months supporting her husband in his battle against the dreaded 'C'. He has been in isolation and so has she - separated from her family, her home, her friends. She needed to reconnect with the lighter side of life and put fear on one side for a while. My daughter in law is always game for some company and laughter as her husbands job means that he is often out in the evenings. So we met for drinks and a little girl time.
We sat in a quiet corner enjoying the pleasure of being in each others company and the talk of nothing other than fashion, lipstick, hairdressers and super foods,then we decided to bravely venture into where the dance floor was.

On entering a room full of swinging twenty-somethings I became very aware of the numbers in my life - age, dress size and blood pressure. Being connected to the owner of the establishment we were given access to the VIP lounge which was empty. It's a luxury room designed for the Posh and Becks of the world and is furnished with leather couches, flat screened TVs, Champagne on ice, a Jacuzzi and in the centre is one long, sleek, silver pole.

It beckoned me like a chrome totem and I cavorted towards it, swung on it, threw my head back and shimmied around it to Lady GaGa. My friends were enjoying the moment and there was much hilarity. We danced, laughed and generally let loose! This was much needed fun, private fun as we could see out into the dance floor but they couldn't see in through the one way glass...or so we thought.
"Someone has just waved at us." said Queen of Bling. "Impossible" I said and daughter-in-law reassured her that this was in fact one way glass. As we danced some more we became aware that there were people who seemed to be curious spectators. A brave scout went out to look and discovered that our private dance floor was in fact very visible to the public dance floor. Oh My word - we laughed, we laughed, we laughed!

Then the horror hit home - we had been dancing like no one was watching!

NB. Apparently the one way glass had cracked a few days before and this ordinary tinted glass was put in as a temporary filler until the new one way glass was delivered.

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  1. Sounds like my kind of night! Looks like you had a great time..