Sunday, July 25, 2010

High Flyers

I really enjoy travelling and some of my happiest times have been spent travelling with my sister, Julia. There is something about being with someone you have known all of your life that allows you the freedom to be exactly who you are. When we were young and single we travelled overland to Yugoslavia together and in the last few years we have been all over South Africa on her visits here and also to Zambia, Egypt, London, Paris, Venice, Barcelona and Mauritius.

We have shopped on the Champs Elysee's in berets, safaried on the African Queen in evening wear, treasure hunted in the Valley of Kings with battery operated fans, sangria-d on La Ramblas, gondola-d the canals of Venice and had many great adventures. One of my favourite times is when I surprised Julia and her hubby Tom in Mauritius where they were on holiday to celebrate their wedding anniversary. They were married there, and because of work commitments I couldn't attend, so when I heard that they were revisiting the island, my first thoughts were -I have to be there! I mentioned it to Mr Gee - "Impossible," he said. Has he not learned after all these years of marriage that these are the very words that will make me determined to make things happen!

So within 24 hours I had enquired, planned, booked and paid for a weeks holiday at the same resort where Julia and Tom were staying. I said not a word to my sister. When we were chatting on line I wished her a lovely holiday and kept the delicious secret to myself.

We arrived whilst they were having dinner. Tom saw us in reception and commented, "There is someone who looks just like your Susan here." It was me! She couldn't believe her eyes when we joined them for dinner and our week of fun began. That night we drank cocktails and laughed till the early hours of the morning. Julia's neighbours at the resort moved to another villa the next morning! Sorry!

Leisurely breakfasts, aqua-aerobics in French and long beach walks, a marathon shopping spree to buy genuine fake handbags and the late night laughing make wonderful memories. The night Tony put two little frogs in his pocket, found on route, and then released them in the restaurant causing squeals and chaos as they jumped over everyones feet - had us in hysterics.

But the highlight of our trip was a tandem para glide over the Indian Ocean off Ilse aux Cerf. There we floated together – celebrating being in our fifties and commenting if only our mother could see us now (She died young and never got to celebrate her sixtieth) Then we realized that this was actually her anniversary and we reached our arms out to touch heaven in her memory. I will never forget that moment and the happy landing we had – my sister's softer than mine as she landed on top of me! How we laughed!

I am looking forward to our next trip - Perhaps Dubai in 2011. I wonder what we will get up to there?

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  1. Can I fit in your suitcase? Have just had my 2nd festival trip with my good friend Kerry - there's nothing quite like a bit of Thelma & Louise travelling to make the start of summer go with a bang!