Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Celebration!

There is nothing quite like the feeling of sisterhood when a group of women come together to celebrate their femininity. This happened last night at BWA in Port Elizabeth where we had a Bollywood theme. Walking into the Hellenic Hall was like walking into a rainbow. Red, gold, blue, silver, gold, purple - What colour was not there? Tables glistened like illuminated alters and sashaying amongst them were the most beautiful women - all decked out in saris, shalwar kamise and langas.These ladies had gone to town and dressed up to the nines and tens. The bling was out big time and like their glittering jewels the ladies sparkled.

It was our Woman's Day function and we were invited to kick off our shoes and relax - the sigh of exhalation was audible. Betsy our beautiful Chair, resplendent in a red sari trimmed with gold, likened the event to a Bollywood film with us the cast - we all played our parts brilliantly. Michelle Brown our very capable MC directed the event with her precious efficiency so we didn't even know we were being directed. When Michelle announced that Port Elizabeths stadium had been rated the highest by FIFAs measuring process we cheered on cue and celebrated not only being women but being Port Elizabethan women.

We ate Indian cuisine - a little sweet and a lot spicy - just like most of us! It wasn't our usual fayre but we welcomed the adventure of trying something new and laughed as taste buds experienced the strangeness of an Indian dessert!

We were entertained young and beautiful Indian dancers, glossy and supple,performing a graceful and elegant dance of light. Then a local gal with attitude belted out songs to make us feel strong, sexy and proud whether we were "big,blond and beautiful" or we just "enjoyed being a girl."

But the best was yet to come - a brave and energetic purple clad leprechaun was invited to give us wakka wakka lessons and the hall rose to the occasion hands pressed together and held aloft in an Indian Namaste and hips swaying in the way only a woman instinctively knows how.

Some of us where lucky and won prizes in the draw and the rest of us were lucky too as we celebrated our connectivity and friendship, let our hair down and danced the night away.

Slipping away into the misty night air I felt privileged and grateful for the joy of being a woman and a Bolleywood star!


  1. Brilliant and wasn't it just stunning.

  2. Aw Leanne - me too! I sat with Gail Cilliers and she said to say a big 'Hi' to you. She is such a beautiful woman. Is there a BWA in the UK???