Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Inspirational Woman

In celebration of National Womans' Day Pick and Pay are asking bloggers to nominate women who they believe are an inspiration to others. All entry blog posts should mention the link to Pick n Pay's Facebook page [] and/or Twitter account []

This is my response to their request and one that could see her rewarded with some lovely gift vouchers but the real reward for this accolade comes from the recognition of being an insiration to others.

What woman inspires me? I am surrounded by amazing women and always have been. I'm not sure if I found them or if they sought me out but they have always been there.

I have experienced joy and how to celebrate life with the women who have laughed and danced with me.

I have learned compassion from the women who cried with me and consoled me when life tested me with the toughest of lessons.

I have learned humility from those women I know who sacrificed their own dreams so that their children may live theirs'.

I have observed the glamour of the women around me and listened carefully when they whispered the names of the potions and lotions they have used to accentuate the beauty that they were born with.

I have shared recipes and lunched, brunched, wined and dined, sharing the most festive company with the women in my life!

I learned how to love and care for others by those who have loved and cared for me - who have reassured me, voiced their concerns and encouraged me. My cheerleaders - the women in my life - you know who you are!

A friend of many years,over 20 years, encompasses all these qualities and more. She deserves a special mention. Dawn is a nurse by profession and a nurse by nature. She was in the operating theatre when my two grandchildren where delivered and I would trust her with my life - as many have and do each day!

Recently a young man was admitted to the hospital where she works in Port Elizabeth, after a car accident in St Francis Bay. Not only did she look after him as they operated to save his life, she cared for his family after their long drive through the night from Pretoria, and opened her home to them so that they could stay close to the hospital and him as he struggled to survive for three weeks. She walked their journey with them and shared their joy as he progressed and was well enough to be moved. This is so typical of her.

Is that not an inspirational woman, a phenomenal women, a woman who cares deeply, a woman who does what her heart tells her is right? I am so happy and privileged that she is my friend. Dawn Scheepers- you are an inspiration!

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