Saturday, August 14, 2010

Wishing August was over!

August is a difficult month for me. I have never enjoyed it! In the UK it was usually a disappointment and spent lamenting the Summer that wasn't and bemoaning the fact that the days were getting shorter which meant the 'summer that wasn't' was over. The l-o-n-g school holidays were in full swing and days out and planned activities were usually wet affairs. August was like a damp squid!

Here in the southern hemisphere it's about the same temperatures as the Augusts of my past but it feels a lot chillier. ;Our homes are designed for summer and its colder inside than out. People seems to be in hibernation mode and outings are an effort between work and bed. That's why I have been spending my days this month looking for small reasons to celebrate.

This pansy cheered my up as I pottered in the garden last week as did the sighting of a shy bird that nests in our shady border. A walk along the beach and a plate of grilled calamari eaten while watching a whale frolic at Schoonies was a feast fit for a queen. A Skye call to our newly relocated son and family and being given a guided tour of the their home via the laptop - including a trampoline performance by Jessica on her new bed made my heart sing.

Time spent with old friends, listening to Lambada on my car radio at full blast, learning a new dance and reading a debut novel by a talented new author. These small celebrations have cost next to nothing but have raised my spirits and got me half way through this dreary month in no time at all - proving that there is always something to get excited about, something to learn, a reason to celebrate life. I have learned that life is too short to label months as dreary and wish that they were over - wishing your life away is a bad habit!
I have promised myself to purposely look for something to celebrate everyday. Today it's a gathering with lots of lovely ladies who love to sew and an evening spent with dear friends. Tomorrow - who knows!

At the end of the month I am looking forward to a weekend in a cottage on a wine farm on the Montagu Pass that was given to me for writing an article for a travel publication, and I am planning on taking my camera to Addo to see if I can capture something worthy for a photographic competition.

Before we know it, it will be the first day of spring and another reason to celebrate. Enjoy!


  1. As someone enjoying a damp uk august I can relate to all you're saying. I almost prefer the return to school and the start of the wood burning season. I like to cosy up and knit. October is a month of highs and lows for me so will be following your example and look for little windows of cheerfulness.

  2. Isnt it strange how we have this seasonal quirkiness! Celebrated a warm towel this morning - love my heated towel rail - such a lttle luxury!

  3. Celebrating the rain today and the shade of green my thirsty grass has turned!