Saturday, September 18, 2010

Reasons to be Cheerful

Some of Buddy Holly, the working folly
Good golly Miss Molly and boats
Hammersmith Palais, the Bolshoi Ballet
Jump back in the alley add nanny goats.

Ian Drury and the Blockheads sang this thirty years ago and this week these lyrics have been buzzing around my head.
These are my reasons to be cheerful this week....

Watching the sunrise cast its golden glow over the beach at dawn and feeling the pull of the sea as the tide turns.

Catching up with special people over a delicious buttery croissant.

Being moved to tears by a really good book.

The scent and colours of my garden - purple sweet smelling lavender, pink and white roses, petunias in mauve, hot pink and white, Sky blue lobelia and my favourite pansies turning their 'faces' to the sun.

Seeing my elephant photo in the Weekend Post.

Watching the film "Seraphine" about a French naive artist and the fact that we get quality movies here in PE again - Thank you Uptown Theatre.

The healing hands of my reflexologist - my miracle worker!

Attending a concert at Gateways Pre-Primary and witnessing the enthusiasm of these little ones as they sang and performed. Their rendition of Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika made my heart swell.
Spending time in the company of some bright young people who work for our municipality and are committed to see our metropole win the cleanest city for the third time.

A warm bath, a comfortable bed and a good nights sleep. Sunday lunch. The love of my family and friends.

Only 16 sleeps to a cuddle with Jessica and Craig.

Reasons to be cheerful abound!

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