Sunday, September 5, 2010

A weekend in the country

Just what I needed to relax and recharge my energy. I was fortunate to be rewarded with a weekend at Herold Wines on the Montegu Pass by South Magazine for writing a little something for them. What a wonderful place to relax and soak up some country sunshine and to taste some fabulous wine.
Herold Wine Farm was purchased from South African Breweries' Hop Farms in 1997 and yielded its first harvest in 2003.We had the pleasure of sharing lunch and wine tasting with winemaker Vivien Harpur and her husband, Bruce. Although there is no formal background in viticulture or wine making in the family, Vivien and her team of 6 full-time workers, have managed to produce the most wonderful wines with hard work, resourcefulness and perseverance.
There is nothing quite like tasting wine while your feet are firmly planted on the ground on which they grapes grew - knowing that what you are drinking was lovingly harvested there and skillfully transformed into the most delicious liquid. We were walked through the vineyards and talked through the process of winemaking. Vivien is a vegetarian and eats organically so she makes her wine with great care to keep it as natural and as free from additives as she possibly can. You can taste the love invested in each glass and I think that is why I enjoyed her Sauvignon Blanc so much. Fresh, clean, pure and young! I felt that I had just made a new friend.

We stayed in a cottage on the farm, nestled beneath Cradock Peak in the Outeniqua Mountain Range and walked the farm during the day and in the evening studied the stars while enjoying our simple meal and wine. The Karoo sky at night is just breath taking and there are just too many stars to count - all competing for our attention.
It was wonderful - I have returned relaxed,rejuvenated and ready for Spring!

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  1. Am so pleased you've had such a great weekend. I could almost taste the wine as I read this post. It looks beautiful.