Sunday, October 31, 2010

Ding Dong! Avon Calling

I happened to be given an Avon catalogue to look through today and, oh my, it brought about flashbacks to the 60s and 70s when every self respecting girl had a little pot of Avon Cream Perfume in her handbag. Do you remember Occur in a black pot with a real diamond on the lid? Then there was Topaz, Eternal, Bird of Paradise and my favourite - Somewhere - in a pink pot encrusted with  pretty pastel jewels!!! If my memory serves me right there was  also Wishing, Honeysuckle and a very exotic Hawaiian White Ginger in the range!  I felt really old when I read that these perfume jars and bottles were antiques now and quite sought after.
Next on the scene in perfume trends came Youth Dew in a small ribbed bottle with a blue bow around the neck - it was a  completely different fragrance  - a new oriental - and its over powering scent wafted in the air in every Ladies loo in dance clubs and movie houses in the 70s. It lasted for ages and ages! People who wore Youth Dew also used a very pale pink lipstick called Strawberry Meringue - nude lips were in and this was THE lipstick to wear. Eyeshadow was sky blue - eyeliner was black and mascara came in solid form with a little brush - we used to call it spit and scrub - gross!!! Twiggy was our role model and eyelashes were so important we wore false ones and drew lower lashes. We must have looked a sight!
Mini skirts, Pop Art clothes in black and white geometric stripes and patterns and white knee length PVC boots were in and I had them all and thought  I looked like the bees knees. I even had a black shiny PVC mac with white trimmings  - it rustled and crackled and you could hear me before you saw me and if I had my Youth Dew or Charlie perfume on this also contributed to my early warning system.

Back to the Avon catalogue - the Skin so Soft range is still in there. I loved that too but left a bottle of the bath oil  on the side of the bath once and one of the boys tipped the whole bottle into the bath with him. He was so slippery that I couldn't get him out -it was  like wrestling with a slippery eel.  Skin so Soft now has real diamonds in it - probably the same ones that were in the lid of the Occur bottle! Avon now have fragrances called  Treselle - which claims that it is sexier than naked! And Outspoken by Fergie so you can 'say it as you mean it' and the brochure even has a rub and sniff corner so you can 'say it as you mean it' before you buy the perfume. 'Perceive' lets your senses be your guide and promises to take you on a journey to you inner sanctuary so that you can be yourself and embrace sensuality - I suppose the R179 cost is much cheaper than a ticket to an ashram in India!
Oh I have so enjoyed flipping through the Avon catalogue again - Treselle sounds like a must have - but I am quite nostalgic for my little pot of somewhere.

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