Monday, October 11, 2010

Food for thought?

I think I have worked out why I am hungry most of the time! It occurred to me in the shower this morning as I scrubbed away with my grapefruit body scrub and washed with rooibos soap, shampooed my hair with honey moisturising shampoo and then smothered myself with mandarin and bergamot body lotion. I may have felt and smelled yummy but I was starving! Just about everything in my bathroom and bedroom has the scent of food added. I was once given a caramel and vanilla fudge bath bomb that smelled so delicious that I was tempted to drink my bathwater. Are my thighs getting larger because I am rubbing in body 'butter' and is that face souffle responsible for my widening grin? A cake of soap has new meaning these days!

Cucumber face masks, Peppermint foot products, Olive hand wash and Mango and Papaya soaps - everything shouts EAT ME. Could the fact that I have food on my mind most of the time have anything to do with the fact that I physically immersed in food from the moment I step out of bed?

This thought followed me to the kitchen where I was welcomed by the fragrance of vanilla, chocolate and coffee  that was wafting from my fragranced candles - candle-icious!. There's even a strawberries and cream air freshener waiting to spray kilojoules into the air!  I checked online and you can get apple strudel, butter cookie, caramel apple and cinnamon bun home fragrance products. Surrounded by baking smells I am guaranteed to be in the cookie jar all day long! 

Even our detergents are bursting with citrus and have freshfruit in them - Vitamin C for Cleaning!

To add to temptation, cup cakes are very much in vogue as decor objects too - on fabrics, crockery and even bed linen - I am considering knitting half a dozen - I have the pattern! Definitely less fattening than the real thing but not quite as tasty - depending on who's baking them!

I think that when I go shopping I should be more mindful of what I put in my trolley and settle for some less fattening smellies. I wonder if I can work up a lather with Lettuce shampoo or Celery and Cottage Cheese shower gel perhaps. Clicks have a range called "Say Yes to Carrots" that I have been saying no to.

Yes! Definitely food for thought.

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