Sunday, November 7, 2010

Model Citizen

Sometimes the planets conspire to make you do things that you least expect or excel at. Yesterday I spent the morning as a mannequin and the after-noon  as a model cavorting around a church hall in haute couture. Me! Those of you who know me well will know that I am a shy and retiring person who hates being the centre of attention - REALLY!! I feel very uncomfortable being gawped at so how did I find myself dressed in evening wear and a pair of funky glasses in a shop window?
My YaYa Sister (Where did we get that name from for the three of us and what does it mean? I've been meaning to ask that for the past decade or so) offered our services in a response on Facebook to an enquiry as to where to find mannequin for a new store. The business is called Treasure or Trash and is the initiative of Jane Stevenson and Cheryl Reynolds - whom I think of collectively as Jeryl  (like Brad and Angelina are Branjolina) as they are best friends who look alike and work together. They encourage you to clear out your wardrobes and will buy your clobber - Donating what they don't want to charity and putting the rest on sale the public at bargain prices. Some of the clothes still have the store label attached which goes to show that most women share a common trait of buying stuff that is too small for them or just can't resist temptation.
So, the YaYs ended up in the window for the opening dressed in Treasure and trying very hard to stay still while laughing an awful lot! The reactions from the passers-by varied from curiosity to amusement with a couple of people jumping out of their skins when we moved suddenly or waved. The children particularly liked this. Some shoppers came back for a second look - one or two a third and one man stood outside the window trying to have a conversation with us while we reverted back to mannequin mode and ignored him. Poor soul must have been lonely! I realised that people love to laugh and enjoy a humorous diversion to the Saturday morning shopping chore.
By pure coincidence, on Friday morning I received another request to model in a fashion show at a charity fundraiser for Isithemiso Childrens Home. I had to go and choose my outfits at Spi clothing, sort out various accessories and strut my stuff in front of 120 people to 'Wave your Flag', 'Wakka Wakka' and 'I'm a Singlet'- to a very appreciative audience who cheered and clapped like we were celebrities instead of students and housewives. This bunch of 3rd year NMMU Business students put together the fundraiser as their final project for social development, they were supported and mentored in their efforts by two other fabulous friends Ansie Van der Westhuizen and Antoinette Harmaan - also joined at the hip and collectively known as Ansinette. The students raised over R6 000  and their enthusiasm was contagious. They have spent the last few months assisting in their spare time at the home and said that they have benefited as much as if not more than the children. It was very heartwarming to see these young adults preparing for their careers.
So - yes I was nervous, and yes - I felt uncomfortable, and yes - I spent Friday night plucking eyebrows, doing my nails and buffing my body - You did notice didn't you? However I am glad I said yes to both requests because it helped others and isn't that what friends are for. I also had a lot of fun, met some great people, ate a lovely lunch and both experiences made me feel young at heart.
Like I said the universe is conspiring to make me the centre of attention. Lets hope this conspiracy holds till Tuesday when they are drawing the winner in the Lady Gaga competition.
 That is one performance that I really don't mind starring in!! Poker Face .......


  1. Auntie Fabuloso - your talents are boundless! I, too, am crossing fingers for tomorrow's draw. Great posture!

  2. aaah!! Was that you?! I saw the photos and wondered... well done! hahahaha

    Dave Coates
    I love Poken