Monday, December 20, 2010

Let it Snow

I have been on snow watch again! Usually at this time of year, I start hankering for my native land where Christmas is a season of snowmen, sparkling lights and yuletide fires. I don’t think that I will EVER get used to Christmas carols in the sun or wearing sunglasses to do the Christmas shopping. My family think it’s hilarious that I usually wear a swimsuit to put up my Christmas tree and each year I still slave away over a hot stove in temperatures in the late 20s because a roast turkey dinner with all the trimmings and a flaming brandy pudding is what one eats on Christmas Day.
Looking at the beautiful icy photographs of the British countryside wearing a white coat, helps to cool me down and soothe my longing for ‘home.’ As beautiful as I find it I suppose it’s a lot more pleasant to view it from afar, I thought this morning as I watched the chaos at the airports. Apparently millions of Britons are trying to get away and as usual the weather is preventing this.

I can’t understand the surprise or the newsworthiness of snow in Europe because- er – isn’t that what it does there at this time of year! I find it kind of reassuring that the seasons are back to where they were because perhaps it means that global warming is under control. When I was growing up we had snow every year in winter. I have my birthday in January and my mother told me it was snowing when I was born. I have two December children who were also brought into a white frosted world and I remember pushing out my first born as snowflakes fell - in a pram I mean!! Remember we used to do that to – walk to places with the baby in a pram – not just around shopping malls but in the actual streets too!!

In my childhood we built treacherous slides on pavements, had snowball fights, built snowmen and then went indoors with tingling fingers to dry our wet, woolly gloves – I can still taste the ice – it was compulsory to eat some - and remember the smell of mittens drying on the hot pipes. We left the car at home and walked to places and Christmases were planned and spent at home because we knew it would be a mission to get anywhere. Nobody complained – in fact we loved it!

So this morning when I heard the broadcast from Heathrow on Sky News and the disgruntled travellers wanting compensation, food vouchers, free accommodation and apologies from the government, the airline company and tour operators – I thought it a little strange. No I think it’s very strange and very stupid of people to think that they can control the weather and mother-nature, who will always have her way and the last laugh!    Its winter in Europe, as the song says.
"let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!”


  1. That's easy for you to say, dear Auntie! Out here in the wilds of Wiltshire there's no milk to be had and the roads are a fine mix of slush, snow and ice. It's all very pretty but a bit annoying especially when yours truly left a few bits to have a festive shop once the kids had finished school! Am envious of the swimsuit....

  2. Ha Ha! and I am envious of your slush! It's actually been very pleasant here the last few days - some sunshine, some cloud and some rain and the temperatures pretty manageable. Now stop being a sissy and put the kids in a sleigh and drag them to the shops. You obviously missed out on the basics of stockpiling as taught by Nan Westwell!