Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watch this Space!

Well I warned you that I get all moody and reflective at this time of year and so I have been - reflecting that is!

As I was walking this morning I was thinking about the year that lies ahead and what it will bring. I have learned not to make New Year Resolutions as I have usually broken them all by February – rather I ‘tune’ into the universe and each year I am given a word and use that as my focus. Don’t ask me where the word comes from – it’s a mystery and even more mysterious is my acceptance of it!

A couple of years ago I was given the word ‘Surrender’ and had the least stressful year of my life by surrendering to what was happening rather than trying to control it and I learned to accept people, relationships and situations for what they were instead of fixing them for whatever purpose. Try it - It’s more difficult than you think but with practice it’s amazing how simple life becomes.

I spent last year with the word ‘Deliberate’ and used it to make conscious decisions about where, what and who I wanted to spend my time with and was rewarded with the liberation that choice brings and an understanding of the responsibility of exercising deliberate choices. This also proved to be easy to think about but harder to implement but the result is a year of creative fulfilment.

This week as I‘ve been walking (when I do all my best thinking now that the water restrictions have taken away the long relaxing baths that were my think-tank) the word that keeps popping into my mind is ‘Space.’ So it seems that this year I may be using my space better – clearing space, creating space or filling space – maybe I am going to travel in space!  I am not sure yet......thats another mystery!

Watch this Space!

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