Monday, February 28, 2011

"Even though I have Fat thighs, Flabby arms - A pot belly still gives good loving," so warbles our very own band Freshly Ground, but I dont think my flabby arms are anything to sing about! They are severely limiting in Africa in Summer.
I distinctly remember the moment when sleeves became an issue for me. I was looking at photographs of a summer holiday a few years back and there I was wearing a lovely smile - happily sleeveless - not realising that my arms had in fact become the size of my legs - My wrists like my ankles neatly trim but why oh why had nobody told me that my upper arms had become my thighs? Podgy, dimpled and flabby!
Upper arms, more than any other body area, except the backs of hands, can be cruelly revealing for women of a certain age. Apparently they are inevitable and if Helen Mirren and Madonna are complaining about them - What chance do I have!

Bingo wings - thats what they call them in the UK and its what happens when your triceps turn to fat. I never had particularly well developed triceps so I dont know where mine came from - what I do know that they make life in Africa difficult. In cooler clims they can be deftly disguised with the right length sleeve - 3/4 or elbow length being the most efective , so advises Trinny and Susanah. So here in February in the height of summer, I have a choice of sweltering in sleeves or baring my bingo wings.

I have tried the exercises - even at the height of my athletic ability I was never one for press-ups. Apparently Michelle Obama has a personal trainer and an 'arm-shaping superset' of exercises. I am sure that these would have had me lifting a limp arm to my forehead and feeling a pressing migraine coming on. I drool with envy at the sight of a pair of supple, gleaming, sexily toned arms. I yearn for the days of sleeveless tops , and now scour the shops for dresses with sleeves that manage to look modern without looking matronly - Not easy! Shrugs are handy but designed to keep the chill off - in our 30C February - I dont think so!
I was once told by a complete stranger that I had lovely arms - What a weido I thought at the time but now to think my arms are worthy of the smallest appreciative glance makes me sigh!
Roll on autumn when not only the leaves fall but sleeves can be worn. Till then - pass me a set of dumbells and the phone number of Michelle Obama's personal trainer - on second thoughts pass me my shrug!

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  1. One of the many exercise dvds I have sampled and then taken to the charity shop advises holding a small weight in each arm. Bend forward slightly and push your elbows back, swing weight in a controlled manner back and twist the arm as you do so. It's supposed to work the trans-sub-blah-blah thingies. I think you have lovely arms too!