Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Currently Disadvantaged

We have all heard the terms previously disadvantaged here in South Africa but right now I feel I am currently disadvantaged. Don't get me wrong - on the job front I am were I have always been - pretty much on top of my game because I love what I do I don't have a problem keeping my knowledge and skills up to date and I have a pretty good reputation. My clients love me as much as I love them! (I hope).
No it's in other areas of my life that I feel currently disadvantaged. Firstly, I am a baby boomer - over 55 years old - which mean mentally I feel energetic, youthful and ready for anything but sadly my body just cant deliver what my mind sets out to do. I cant party late and go to work the next day - in fact I can't party at all and go to work the next day! I Can't spring up the stairs two at a time nor can I run around shopping malls in my break - I just don't have the energy that my brain thinks that I have. Having said that I have a lot more energy than many twenty year olds!
Secondly I weigh more than 50 kilogrammes which means that eighty percent of the clothes in the shops just don't fit me. They are made by little people for little people - petite and slim. Most of the fashions for us who are a little more well padded on this continent tend to come in polyester and in colours suited to those of a more olive complexion - saffron, brown, orange and yellow just don't look good on an English rose. So I have to hunt for stuff which costs me time and energy and I usually end up having something made ...which costs me more and means I have to work harder which means I have less energy to party in what I have had made! Get the picture!
Lastly I keep forgetting stuff - simple things like where I have put my glasses, my keys and my car. This is a real disadvantage when I need to out and even more when I forget where I am on my way to!
Oh how I wish I could turn that clock back - just a couple of years - I'm not ready to wear brown polyester and there is so much I still want to do - If only I had the energy!

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