Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mid Week Rant!

Is anyone else fed up of car guards? I am so tired of being waved into a car space I can see very clearly, getting out of my centrally locked car and being asked if it can be looked after. Then when returning to it being waved out of a parking space that I am quite capable of getting out of and then being asked for money!
This is a service that I don't want or need and is nothing more than legalised begging.
I know that their are poor people who cant find work but why should I be paying for them to hang around car parks. Today I parked six times and was harassed by car guards six times - Give me a break - PLEASE!!!
As far as I know South Africa is the only country that tolerates this  - and those hawkers at the traffic lights that sell coat hangers and bin bags. When I want to buy these - I go to a shop.
OK  - I feel better now!


  1. Better out than in - it's good to rant sometimes.

  2. Car guards are my pet peeve. What really gets me that most of them can afford cell phones and to smoke (I can't). I try my best to avoid centres where there are car guards, and failing that, I opt to instead use paid parking. It's not that I am mean, after all I tip generously when the trolley fellow helps me load my groceries into my car, but I resent being put upon to part with my hard-earned money for no good reason other than the "Ag, Shame" factor.

  3. One was in front of me in the Post Office the other week - getting his daily takings changed into notes- it took forever - so I was doubly peed off by him!!