Saturday, March 12, 2011

One of my favourite pastimes is people watching. I love observing others - couples on a date, children demanding their parent's attention and people out and about shopping or enjoying company in coffee shops. If you enjoy this too, then I can recommend a shopping mall on a Friday evening. I got myself a prime viewing spot on the outskirts of one of the eateries - the food was mediocre but the view was very entertaining.
What I enjoyed most was watching the antics of the teenyboppers - the 13 - 16 year old girls trying very hard to look older and sophisticated and what amazed me the most this Friday were their shoes! No let me rephrase that, what fascinated me the most was how they struggled to walk in them desperately trying to look as if they were comfortable.
Fashions come and go and at my age I have seen and worn most of them at least once before - footwear included! I have worn kitten heels, platforms, boots - including the white knee length ones favoured by Abba and wedged espadrilles. Stilettos have never been by favourite - the last thing you need when you are 5 feet 7 is additional height - and I have always seemed to spend my time rushing to somewhere or someone. Life for me has been one long dash.  I seemed to have missed out on the luxury of having time to sashay around in stilettos. They have been in and out again several times - they were a favourite of my mother but even she had the sense not to go shopping in them and I am not sure she would have been brave enough to venture into a glossy tiled shopping mall in them. So watching the young girls struggling to walk in the latest fashion in footwear on a highly polished surface was really entertaining.
Our young people tend to hang around in groups and nature, having a sense of humour, ensures that most young gals reach puberty before the guys catch up so at this age they already tower over the guys in their company. Adding four or five inches difference adds a lot of comedy to the situation. The girls beautifully styled, made up and polished to sophistication seemed to be boldly striding around in courageous gladiator shoes, while their fresh faced, freckled and spiky haired escorts tottered alongside or trailed behind them in T shirts and takkies. I watched a couple of brave recoveries as one heel went one way and the other in the opposite direction. Perversely the longer the legs - the higher the heels while the rest wore the only alternative flat flats - you know those ones that are really just a sole tied to the foot with a metallic shoe lace (that probably cost a fortune). I suspect that these are the girls who had already learned their lesson the hard way and had perhaps limped home on a previous Friday with sore feet or a sprained ankle and had thrown their 6 inch stilts to the back of the wardrobe.
Fashions come and fashions go but I have always noted that in the world of haute couture - when the stick thin models strut their stuff on the ramp looking like aliens in the most outrageous outfits - at the very end the designer appears, they are usually dressed in the most ordinary garments often black and their shoes - comfy crocs or soft leather boots!

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