Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winds of Change!

Something isn’t right with the world – It’s not only the ground that’s shaking and the ocean that’s rising up – the people of Egypt recognised that all is not well and had the courage to say “No more” and this wave of discontent has swept through Northern Africa like a tsunami.
I am feeling the rumblings of it here! There seems to be a sense of disappointment hanging in the air – a feeling of being let down. This time last year we were gearing up for the World Cup and were high on Afro optimism. We knew that the eyes of the world were on us so we rose to the occasion and all played our part. It was extraordinary! We learned that when we pull together we can deliver but it seems that we are not prepared to serve our citizens with same level of energy as we are to serve our international visitors – slowly things have slipped back into the rut. Autumn is closing in and I am sensing a winter of discontent – of power cuts, water shortages and fuel increases.
Perhaps its time we all stopped complaining to one another and perhaps it’s time we got angry and started holding those who are supposed to be providing a living wage, a reasonable standard of living and basic services, accountable to the citizens who entrusted them with their future and their rates and taxes!
I am sensing that a feeling of hopelessness is setting in and when people have no hope they have nothing to lose and that is dangerous state to live in.The problem is we have all been lulled into a sense of gratitude because we haven't been devastated by earthquakes, plague or radioactive fall out. Oprah and others - who tend to have too much of everything that they could possibly need or want for the balance of their lifetime - encourage us to keep journals of gratitude for everyday blessings. I think there is a thin line between gratitude and complacency and the latter is the enemy of change.

Yes I feel that people are about to say enough is enough - we are worth more! I sense a tsunami of change on its way. The earth isn't happy and neither are its citizens.


  1. too darn true! send this to the papers or start a petition!!! Sue for President!

  2. LOL Bernadette! Thats all I need to have to run the country too - Tony will never get a clean shirt or supper and then there will be a revolution!

  3. Have just had to leave the room during the 10 o'clock news - tory boys stating the bleedin' obvious and making everything worse instead of better. Come the revolution!