Monday, April 25, 2011

Head in the Clouds

Its amazing what there is to do in and around my hometown- just today for instance, we went up to the site of one of the old collieries where a statue has been erected to commemorate the miners who worked there. St Helens was built  around the glass industry and coal mining. In the early part of the twentieth century it had five coal mines - all fully operation. Our coat of arms depicted the motto 'ex terra lucem' - out of the earth light. Now they are all closed and the buildings demolished and Pilkingtons Glass is greatly reduced in size and other sources of employment keep the population busy.

The statue was erected in 2009 and is the work of a Spanish sculptor  Jaume Plensa. It takes the form of a young girl’s head with her eyes closed in a seemingly dream-like state and it stretches an imposing 20metres into the sky. The piece has a white, almost luminescent finish in marked contrast to the black of the coal that still lies below. I think its beautiful and to see it set against the backdrop of a summers blue sky was amazing.

We then stopped off at Sankey Valley for a country walk along the banks of the Sankey brook. It used to be the site of the first canal ever made in England - The Sankey Valley Canal and it now a well used nature trail. Today it was lovely to see families out and about enjoying a walk or cycling along the trails on a lovely Spring day. there 's something about the sound of  water and the stream attracts lots of bird life which provided a tranquil soundtrack to our meander. I wandered off the path into the woodland and found some lovely patches of bluebells and wild garlic to feast my camera on.

After popping home to Julia's for tea and cake we spent the rest of the afternoon at Bents Garden Centre which is much more than a garden centre and filled with desirable homeware and decor - Not at all shabby but very chic. I think I would like to be reincarnated as one of their buyers - whoever they are they seem to know my taste and I could have spent the earth!

Another lovely day - I wonder what tomorrow will bring - I can only dream!

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