Friday, April 29, 2011

A Perfect Day

Well it was everything that I was hoping for and more - what a perfect day! A bright Spring morning, marching bands, crowds of well wishers, flags galore, a beautiful bride, a handsome groom, a procession of carriages, a throng of happy people celebrating the occasion and then not one kiss but two!

My day started at around 7am with a lovely cuppa in my niece's cosy kitchen. She lives in a beautiful stone house in Great Somerford Wiltshire - one of those chocolate box villages surrounded by green fields and English countryside.
Then my sister Julia slipped into something a little more formal - her wedding dress and tiara - while I put on my 'bridesmaid' dress and hat on. Champagne and Smoked salmon was served and we didn't move from the TV for 3 hours - well except when I jumped up to throw the confetti over the happy couple when they emerged from church - Its still all over the lounge floor!

We oohed and aahed over the Queen's outfit, admired the handsome princes and got a bit nostalgic over how they must be missing their mother today. We offered fashion advice to all the celebs as they arrived and then went all gooey when the bridesmaids emerged. It was when the bride arrived that rendered us speechless - Didn't she look splendid - just splendid! The service was very grand but seemed very natural at the same time and you can just see that they love one another and will do 'till death do us part'.

When it was all over we changed into red, white and blue and made for the local where the locals were agog with it all. A barbecue was in progress and we sat outside toasting the happy couple amongst assorted children who were running around in princess outfits and then we walked over the allotments to Frog Lane where a street party was in progress and more food was thrust into our hands.

The villages made me feel really welcome and I have to admit I envy their community spirit and their beautiful surroundings.
Coronation chicken for dinner and the board games are about to come out.

Later we can watch it all again - several times I suppose - I don't think that I will ever tire of watching and it will bring back memories of a perfect day.

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  1. It's been lovely to celebrate such a great day with the 'great' aunts! Who can we marry off next?