Thursday, May 5, 2011

Diva Feva Fun

Today I met Jonathon and he introduced me to my abs and a lot of muscles I had forgotten I had. I spent the morning at the Gym in St Helens where Jonathan and his divas bounce around to Lady Gaga, Pink, Mariah Carey and the biggest diva of them all Barry Manilow - we had Copacabana three times today and each time Jonathan rotated his pelvis like their was no tomorrow!
He is a bit of a legend in the north west where he presents 60 classes a week - his divas range in age from twenty seven to seventy two. He used to be a dancer ....and it shows! All the ladies swoon when he walks into the room  but he only has eyes for himself. I can see why he is so popular - today was such fun! Check it out here

Jonathan and his Divas like an occasion and in the past they have celebrated

Christmas Fever  - Divas dressed in red and Jonathan in a Red Cowboy hat with flashing lights and tinsel galore.
Breast Cancer  Awareness Fever - Divas dressed in Pink Boas and Jonathan in a pink Cowboy hat,
Halloween  with Divas in  witchy gear and Jonathan in a black and silver cape with a very large fluffy spider on a lead and a handbag full of eyeballs
American Fever - British Fever  and Michael Jackson Fever where he wore a black glittery trilby, one sequined glove and white socks in which he tuaght the divas to moonwalk - well he tried to!

His exploits seem to be getting progressively weirder and diva Julia tells me that he has a  doll version of his female idol - Cher  -  that he has brought to class and to which the Divas had to curtsy to.
When not jumping and lunging around the studio, he is full of quips and today he berated us all for eating too much chocolate at Easter and quaffing too much champagne for the Royal wedding and made us work extra hard.
In his spare time he organises nights out on a coach with himself and 49 women arriving at clubs around the north west to dance, party and generally have fun! Next months is fully booked with a waiting list of 70!

He also oorganised a flash mob at B&Q (with T mobile) where 'I gotta Feeling'  by the Black Eyed Peas came on at the same time nationwide and all the divas turned from shoppers into prancing disco queens in the store.

All I can say is What an Experience - I wouldn't have missed it for the world and every time I hear Lady Gaga 'Caught in a Bad Romance', I am sure I will spring into the routine - that is if I will ever be able to move again!

PS. I started with Diva Feva then did Body Sculpt, Abs and the Splash Aqua - more Barry Manilow!

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