Friday, June 10, 2011

Fantasy Island

In the middle of winter where do we all want to be - Yes! on a tropical island enjoying a Pina Colada while gentle breezes waft the warm air through our sarongs. In a week full of incessant rain  (I really do try to be grateful for this dry continent but it's hard), flooded roads, muddy gardens and damp washing - I would gladly maroon myself on an island.
My niece's blog Project Forty contributed to this fantasy with her mention of Desert Island Discs - For my South African friends this is a BBC Radio Programme that interviews different celebrities and plays their choice of music that would accompany them should they have the option to spend time in seclusion on an island. Desert Island Discs is one of those wonderful BBC Radio Programmes that has been on air for half a century and has become a bit of an institution. I had forgotten all about it, but having been reminded, I had to visit the website and I spent most of the afternoon and a considerable amount of my bandwidth, reconnecting with the familiar format of the show. What a pleasure to listen to those plummy British accents and to the variety of music that people choose - sadly without the Pina Colada!

Several years ago in the run up to the film Castaway with Tom Hanks, my book club challenged us to bring to book club one item that we would take with us to an island should we be shipwrecked. As you can expect a variety of items emerged from our bags, that we confessed to being unable to live without - shampoo, a can of Coke, The Bible, sunscreen, chocolate, a fishing rod  - it was noted that no one had brought their husband! My initial thought was that I would take a piano as I have always wanted to learn to play and have never had the opportunity, or the time to learn. I reasoned that if I was a complete failure as a musician, then at least I would be able to saw the legs off it and sail away into the sunset on it. Doesn't that conjure up a romantic picture! That was until I saw the film - once I saw Tom Hanks sucking uncooked crab meat into his salty lips and eating raw fish -  I realised that I would have to be practical and took a box of matches (this was before the days of trendy sushi).
However if I was given the luxury of choosing 8 Desert Island Discs I think that these would be my choices:

Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - The Beatles
Nellie the Elephant  - Mandy Miller
Father and Son - Cat Stevens
Nimrod Variations - Sir Edward Elgar
Never Never Never - Shirley Bassey
Good Vibrations - The Beach Boys
My Baby Just Cares for Me - Nina Simone

Having struggled to narrow my options down to eight I can guess that if I was asked this question tomorrow or any other day, it may look very different. However I do believe that there would be one song that would always appear - Nellie the Elephant! It just cracks me up every time I hear it and puts me back in my five year old body giggling and swaying along! Trump! Trump! Trump!
What would your choices be?

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