Sunday, June 5, 2011

Its raining Inspiration!

The universe has blessed me with a week in which I have encountered some wonderful people. I have been surrounded by inspirational women in a variety of situations.

Last Friday I was invited to join a group of ladies from NMMU Business School to attend a function to celebrate 'Women Climbing up Stilettos'. I didn't expect much from the event and went with the only purpose of having a sit down and catching up with some of my colleagues from the Business School. I was wonderfully surprised by the calibre of those who attended and also by the MC of the event Tembis Gebeda. The speakers told inspiring tales of their journey to success and the sacrifices they had made along the way.
Tuesday was my bookclub night which is always inspiring! We always seem to have a lot to share and a lot to laugh about and our friendship goes way beyond our love of reading. the eats were particularly inspiring too as our hostess had made them ALL!

Thursday was the Business Woman's Regional Business Achiever Awards and is always a glittering occasion. This year was no exception and I was fortunate to share a table with one Beulah Lumkwana who is the CEO of Community Chest - not just a successful lady but such fun as well. Four of her siblings shared our table - they run a funeral business and really proved to be the 'fun' in 'fun'eral! You tend to think of people who work in that industry as a bit odd and certainly not the happiest souls - but these three ladies and their brother were a hoot!
Speaker for the evening was Pfina Fenster, Editor of Glamour magazine. What an accomplished lady and a talented speaker ! She walked us through some of her journey and some of the events that conspired to lead her to the position she is in today. Part of which was to beg, steal and borrow the money for a ticket to New York when all she had was the opportunity of a 15 minute interview with the publisher of Marie Claire magazine. Needless to say that the gamble paid off and she is where she is today because she took that chance. Pfina encouraged us to listen to our inner voice and communicate our desires to the universe and be responsive to the answers that are whispered back to us.
Something she said has really resonated with me this week, "If you want to please everyone, then you must say nothing, do nothing and BE nothing and we were not put on the earth to be nothing." Very wise words.
The finalists were all really, really excellent and the winners truly deserving. It made me very proud to be a part of the BWA and to be associated with their success. It was also lovely to be surrounded by PE folk who just rose to the occasion with style - everyone of them looked stylish and The Summerstrand Inn hosted us with panache.
On Saturday morning I managed to fit in a Scrap Booking Class with Helen (daughter-in-law) which was well worth sacrificing an extra hour of sleep for. I came away buzzing with ideas for 'my next project' - so much to do - so little time!

I am a great believer in feeding my mind body and soul and this week I have really accomplished this. After all if you want to be able to give to people you have to have the inner resources to be able to do that. My cup runneth over! I wonder what inspiration will come my way this week?

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