Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mid Week Rant - again!

I see to be doing a lot of this - must be age! Am I turning into a Grumpy Old biddy?? Nah! I think my gripes are quite reasonable. In fact I think some facets of life are becoming ridiculous.

I am grumbling about reality TV again (see my post for November 2010 Curious and Curiouser). The latest that we are to be subjected to on our wonderful DSTV is a series starting this month called 'Dating in the Dark'. Apparently they have got couples to do exactly that - meet in a light-tight, darkened room in which they can see nothing and then they are going to get to know one another - not sure whether it will be chatting, groping or kissing - the trailer shows all three. After the session they are going to find out how it was for them, and then turn on the lights and see what they results are! We are going to be able to witness all this through the technology that the SAS use to film terrorists operating in the dark. It sounds like an awful social experiment being used as entertainment and on par with Shower Hour in the Big Brother House!

Well how ridiculous is that and what is entertaining about watching an adult version of Blind Mans Bluff?
I am cringing at the thought that this is allowed to happen. Surely single people have not become that desperate for a date? I know that internet dating and chat rooms are quite similar when you think about it - you have no idea who you are talking to really - but they come without the embarrassment of a public groping session.  What sort of person would volunteer for this humiliating experience? Nobody you and I know and would want to! Sadly they have families and I hope people who care about them - imagine their trauma!
No thank you BBC Prime! I refuse to come down to your level and the level of those who live amongst us and are prepared to do anything for money and publicity!
BRING BACK CREATIVE AND INTELLIGENT ENTERTAINMENT and stop taking the lazy, cost effective way out.

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