Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mid week rant -- We all have a seat on the plane!

In my opinion there is nothing that brings out our competitive streak than air travel and airports are very amusing places to watch people at their very worst. It never ceases to amaze me that once the checking procedure is completed and you have made your way over the cattle grid, along the barriers that make you feel that you are in a sheep pen, through the assorted XRay machines  and the indignity of taking various items of clothing off  (thank you Bin Laden) and into the departure lounge where there are NEVER enough seats and the toilets are always in the furthest corner and the coffee is twice the price of the other side of the wall ....then its important to remember that we ALL have a boarding pass, our luggage IS on board and EVERYONE has a seat on the plane and it wont take off any sooner!
So why on earth do you start forming THAT queue as soon as there is an iota of activity by the gate and why do you all stand so close to each other and push and shove and sprint the last 50metres. Next time you are in the departure lounge  - breathe deeply, relax and repeat after me "We all have a seat on the plane!"

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