Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Milk Punch!

I am stuck in bed with a cold and plenty of time to reflect. Here are my thoughts about what I have learned this year so far!
  • You can loose 4  hours of your life after a double whisky mixed with hot milk as a cure for a cold.  I felt much better for 4 hours.  (I only learned this today - thanks Julia
  • Shampoo labels that promise fuller, thicker hair - lie.
  • Never leave the house with an empty purse and a full bladder. 
  • Stolen plants always grow better than those bought at a garden centre   (What do you mean you have never stolen a plant - I thought we all went on midnight sorties to get cuttings)
  • A slab of chocolate can cure anything - except a cold !   (I have no time for those people who shockingly confess that they ate "A whole slab of chocolate!" I didn't know that there was any other way to eat it!
  • Other people's food always looks more delicious than your order in a restaurant
  • When you are in a hurry - all the traffic lights will be on red.
  • When you are in your car and you need to answer to a text all the traffic lights will be on green.
  • Politicians don't tell the truth (I didn't say they lie!) 
  • DSTV is a rip off. Where else would anyone pay twice for the same product  (Isn't that we are doing when they show is repeats, repeats, repeats?)
  • Australia is a long way away.

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