Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Road Rage!

I promised a sequel to my last blog and here it is.....So there we were after a lovely day out at the Grahamstown Festival ready for home and wending our way towards the N2 when we saw hazard lights and the traffic stopped to a standstill. Road works we thought - we'll be stuck here for 10 minutes! Fifteen minutes later we were still stuck there and we got the pies out - the ones we had bought for our loved ones on the way there - sorry loved ones! Twenty minute - half an hour - No this wasn't road works - we sent an SMS to our contacts at Radio Algoa and were rewarded with some information. -  there had been a major accident up ahead and the road was likely to be blocked for SEVERAL HOURS!

So we were stuck on a pitch dark road in the middle of nowhere with no way out! Immediately I became thirsty - I think this happens in the desert when you drink your last drop of water! The moment you know its not available you start craving it! I regretted eating that salty pie. Five minutes later I was fantasising about waterfalls, rain forests and had a thirst the size of the Churchill Dam. I mentioned casually to Helen that we may have to drink our own urine....and on cue 3 gentlemen ( I use the term loosely) got out of the car in front and casually emptied their bladders right in front of us - Gross!!! Not to mention the waste of water!

I have to mention that all the time we were sat there in the line of traffic - cars kept screaming up on our right to see what the problem was - 5 minutes later we would see them pass again, having had to do a U turn when they realised that the thirty cars in front of them weren't having a leisurely picnic. We saw a couple of ambulances go through and THEN the police came and we were all told to turn around as the road indeed would be closed for several hours as the photographers had still to come from PE. It was indeed a very serious accident. We were re-routed through Paterson.

The road to Paterson is unlit, gravel, muddy, narrow and full of potholes. It was a hell of a journey - made more hellish by our dear travelling companions - all the others that were stuck on the dark road - who decided that their reason for getting home first was more important than anyone else's. I couldn't believe it!
On that unlit, gravel, muddy, narrow road that is full of potholes -it was like wacky races as cars overtook, tailgated, spun gravel, blared full beams and generally disregarded every traffic rule or human courtesy in their desire to get there first!  I am surprised that there wasn't another accident and astonished that having just left the scene of one fatal one - that these idiots couldn't have driven more sensibly and with more thought for others safety!
Then I remembered TIA - this is Africa - the road accident capital of the world! IDIOTS!
I was really happy to see the lights of the N2 and even more happy to climb into a warm bed with a l-o-n-g drink of hot tea. I gave thanks for a lovely day and our safe return - no thanks to the nutters on the road.

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