Monday, August 8, 2011

My month so far....

All work and no play maketh me a dull person! I have had a hectic schedule this month but I have tried to find interesting things to do to relieve the monotony of work. Books and movies have been a welcome distraction when its dark by 6pm.

I have been watching a British DVD series Irene) and Ann Reid (Vera). Vera and Irene reveal their exploits and adventures to each other in their letters and e-mails, but sometimes their correspondence becomes fractious when one accuses the other of being an alcoholic or engages in too much one-upmanship. Nevertheless, when the chips are down and the going gets tough, each is instantly there for the other, like a charge of the cavalry albeit with a rather sarcastic bugle call.
Other recurring characters include people like :-   Howard Small ("Howie"), Vera's gay son, who runs a sheep farm near the village of Great Shagthorn with his business and personal partner, Anthony Flowers ("Ants"). Howie and Ants have a daughter, "Small-Flowers". Kare n, Vera's daughter, with whom she has a difficult relationship. Karen's second husband, St. John (pronounced "sin-john"), is a vet with whom Vera has an excellent relationship. St. John is also revealed to be the biological father of Baby Small-Flowers; They have two children together - Nelson (who has unusually long legs) and Millie (so-named after her premature arrival around the time of the new "Minnellium" ) Sabrina Small is Karen's daughter from her first marriage;  Lesleyis Irene's daughter, who lives in Australia with her second husband Brian and their two children, Cheryl-Marie (from Lesley's first marriage; 'Cheryl' pronounced "CHAIR-ull") and Bubbles. Brian has noticeably had a hair transplant, and he has a squint that Lesley finds embarrassing.
Vera and Irene always strive to outdo each other, whether with their recipes, holiday destinations or who has the best grandchildren. Each episode kept me laughing and I am very reassured that there are families out there wackier than my own - I am so sorry that I  have finished watching both series - I believe there are more for me to order.

On the dowside I went to see a movie on Saturday, Horrible Bosses, that got 4 stars and was the worst piece of cinema that I have seen in a long time. How Kevin Spacey, who I really admire, got conned into getting involved with it I dont know but it was neither funny or entertaining - just badly acted gross attempt at humour!

I have read a book by S J Watson about a woman who forgets everything each night when she sleeps and has to start ( I can relate to memory loss) each day afresh - a well written debut novel. I believe the film rights have been sold and look forward to seeing this on the big screen.

I have just started reading  A Thousand Days in Tuscany by Marena De Blasi which has captivated me from its opening scene of an impromptu alfresco village feast of fried zucchini blossoms, fennel-roasted pork, and pudding made from the cream of a local blue-eyed cow. It is a memoir of the seasons in a small Tuscan village that is rich with food, weather, romance and, above all, life! I loved her Thousand Nights in Venice so much as I had been to Venice - I know when I have read this I will want to go to Tuscany!

I have skyped S & N in Melborne and managed to do a little scrap booking and plan to do more in the breathing space that this week brings.  I am tired now of rain, cold and long winter nights - roll on Spring and new adventures.

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