Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time flies when you are having fun!

I can't understand people who say they are bored - truly! I never seem to have enough time for everything that I want to do. Take today - I wanted to walk, garden, read, stitch and sort my wardrobe out. I managed to do none of that - I made the error of looking through my scrapbooking stuff! Before I knew what I was doing - my photographs were out and then I remember very little until 8pm. I was lost in paper heaven!

I love recording my travels and I relive the pleasure of my journeys as I am organising my photographs, choose colours and paper and embellish the pages. Today I was following a swan's progress on the River Leven in Cumbria. Playing with the photographs taken in May, I remember the light dancing on the river, the rush of water as it gushed under the bridge and towards the weir, the wild flowers peeping in the hedgerows and the scent of rain on the breeze. Its hard to put all of that into a page - but I enjoyed trying.

I also scrapbooked a page of flower close ups that I took on my visit to the Uk this Spring - I used pinks, lilacs and purple to back my photographs and called my page -The earth laughs in flowers! I enjoyed every bloom and can remember where I took the photograph of each one. A peony in Julia's garden, heady lilacs by the boat mooring, wisteria tumbling around a doorway in Tonbridge and a perfect emerald leaf on the forest floor in Wiltshire.

My third page of the day took me to a visit to the family in Pretoria where I watched Jessica playing in water fountains at the Irene shopping mall  - simple fun, enjoying the moment, dodging the splashes and getting a soaking. Life is built one moment at a time to be lived and enjoyed! Whilst she was playing a group of singers were performing opera and we listened to Andrea Bocceli's favourite 'Con Te Patiro' which always bring a lump to my throat and a smile to my lips at the same time! I am making albums for Jessica and Craig and limit myself to two pages a year so that I can give them a couple of albums each and a record of thier growing up. Its hard to be so disciplined so the pleasure of finishing one of Jessica's pages is super special!

A day well spent I think - The garden, stitching and my wardrobe will have to wait until another day!

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