Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another lovely day in PE and a sure sign that Spring has well and truly arrived and I can officially come out of hibernation. I have spent the morning sorting out my wardrobe and packing away winter stuff - I feel lighter already - but I am most definitely NOT! Most of my summer things that I found don't fit me and I suspect the ones that do are sitting in a charity shop in St Helens. In an irrational moment brought on by luggage hysteria - I left the summer things that did fit me in the UK. How I am going to get through summer without my trusty white linen skirt, I really don't know...and don't suggest I buy another because the shops are full of  the weirdest assortment of attire.
 When you reach a certain age (or is that a certain weight) shopping for clothes becomes problematic. I am struggling because:-
  • I need sleeves to conceal my wobbly upper arms and most of the stuff in the shops is sleeveless or has those little cap sleeves that just make arms look bigger.
  • Anything with a belt has belt loops or elastic just about under my armpits! Everything here seems to be made in China and oriental ladies must be very short waisted. My waistline as I remember it (it seems to have disappeared), is about 6 inches lower.
  • I am just not going to wear mustard, brown and burnt orange  - this is Africa -say no more!
  • I want fabrics that let me skin breathe in the scorching southern hemisphere summer - not chiffon and nylon.
  • Its hard to do frills when you are over 50!
So it looks as if I will have to muddle through with what I have and pray that Mrs WW takes pity on us fifty somethings. Is it just me that is having a wardrobe crisis or is it a global phenomena???

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  1. I was treated to a Barbour jacket and some fury boots today as an early birthday present - bought while our temps hovered in the eighties!