Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bad to Tha Bone and other Taxis!

I've been meaning to write about Taxis for a while - Since the Mount Road off ramp closed actually, and I have had to come off at Albany Road and drive through North End at least twice a week - For those who are reading this overseas - I am not taking about London cabs type of taxi! In South Africa we have a whole different transport system where people carriers that seat 13 passengers are used to transport most of the African population around. It is like nothing experienced in Europe - think drag racing for mini-buses!

The buses themselves are a feast to the eyes - many have parts missing, some are like metal patchwork wonders. When we had the World Cup here - was it only a year ago? A lot of them were replaced - subsidised by FIFA and most are already looking decidedly worn out!

They have names like "Terminator", "Hail Mary", 2fast 2furious and No Limits - I ask you would you get in a vehicle with such a name? They actually all share a common name - "Death Trap". They follow no rules and can not be anticipated. They will stop in front of you whenever is convenient for them, they will pass you on the right, or by cutting in front of oncoming traffic. They will try to turn right from the extreme left lane. They will drive on verges and almost run you off the road trying to gap in. What they won’t do is give you any warning. I am only here to tell the tale because my brakes are serviced regularly and thank Goodness I drive alone - I 'flooked' my way down Govan Mbeki Drive - more than the paintwork on my car was blue!
Bump! Bump! Bump! and that's just the bass from the sound system they have - They're never gonna hear their grandchildren sing - they will ALL be stone deaf before they turn 40!
Apparently the Taxi Industry has just launched an airline - the mind boggles at who will fly with it!

This weekend I am celebrating - The Mount Road off ramp has reopened and I will not have to take my life in my hands navigating North End any more - Sadly thousands of locals who have to use this mode of transport do..... and that is no laughing matter!

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