Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What's in a Name

In my last blog I told you I spent the day doing factory observations. Apart from enjoying these lovely ladies enthusiasm for their work - I was fascinated by their names. Most cultures hand down family names and in my own family there are certain names that have reoccurred throughout the generations - Leonard, Auchel, Cornelius, Caroline, Lena, Anne Jane... somehow I don't think Auchel and Cornelius will be happening again though!

As it is we decided to choose first names for our boys that couldn't be shortened ...and at hubby's insistence they have 'proper' boys names, "No namby pamby stuff," he said, "they need mens names!" We went with family or more traditional names for second names. Subconsciously I named my boys in alphabetical order which could have been limiting if we had gone on to have a fifth we would have had names befinning with T - Z to chose from.

In true South African style last week my delegates also had names that had been handed down through the family but the difference being was that they were mostly from the coloured community and here that means combining the name of the parents and creating a new name. So I had Davidan - obviously daughter of David an Ann  and Shaunese - perhaps daughter of Shaun and Denise - Janneil, Carlize, Keisha and so the list went on! 
It made me think what my name might have been had my parents, Harry and Lena, had gone this route - I could have been Harlena perhaps or Harryle! It also made me think of what options we may have had for name for our own brood  if we had combined Sue and Tony....Suet...naah ......'Sony'......sounds familiar........Stoned...sounds more like it!

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