Friday, November 4, 2011


I believe that we all have the ability to be creative but that many of us choose to believe that they are not. The seeds of doubt are often sown in a childhood where someone laughed at a painted masterpiece or tutted at a hand-stitched offering. The lucky ones are those that rediscover their innovative talents as adults and more and more people are realising that using your imagination is an important form of relaxation and brings inner satisfaction. I enjoy all types of needlework and always have something on needles somewhere in a basket to pick up and stitch or knit. I have tried decoupage, mosaics and love most crafts but my love of photography feeds my latest love affair – Scrapbooking.
I started scrapbooking several years ago with a lady called Helen Kingsley – she was bravely battling cancer and had decided to leave a photo albums and journal for her sons. I loved spending time sorting through my photos and she really encouraged me to select photographs that told a story and look at scrapbooking in a different way. I started scrapping and journaling my travels and experiences seeing my holiday snaps in a new light. Sadly she has since passed away but when I am absorbed in putting a layout together I hear her advice and comments guiding me in the right direction.

When Jessica was born I started an album for her and again when Craig followed – I have limited myself to two pages per year to record milestones in their lives and record our times together.

I am lucky to have found a space in PE that brings out the best of my creative side. I just have to walk into this space and my brain shifts into right brain mode and ideas start to flow. I just LOVE going into the Scrapbook Nook as you are just surrounded with positives vibes and inspiration.
Whether it is spelled out in patterned and decorated letters or shouts out at me from a beautifully created vision board. It really is the perfect place to find your mojo and get busy making something.
Philipa and her daughter Cassandra just pour love into this unique place and are always there giving encouragement and keeping us up to date with new techniques and the most tempting papers and embellishments.

And talking of temptation – Cassandra has opened a patisserie next door called EAT to feed us body and soul! The most mouth watering red velvet cupcakes taste even better eaten in a bright green armchair with a cuppa and a copy of Ideas magazine on hand to relax with.

It’s my sanctuary – a place that provides downtime from my busy job and where I can forget about responsibility and feed my artistic soul. A place where strangers become friends and where people share their ideas and their scraps generously. I always leave with a sense of accomplishment and a spring in my step and my family get to admire what I have done with their photos. I love to make mini albums, creative cards, tags and paper crafts for my home and family.

There are so many talented and creative people in this area and guess what you are probably one of them!

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