Thursday, November 24, 2011

A new appreciation for my ironing board!

Last night I was in bed by 8pm - Worn out! I spent the day in a factory where I did 19 observations - part of a Learnership for a qualification in Production Technology. I met 18 ladies and one very brave man  - an Iron Man -  who obviously loves being the centre of attention! They all work for a company that makes wooden products spice racks, clothes driers, breadboards and ....ironing boards. My role yesterday was to ask them about their work, quality, safety and stand and watch them work and assess their competency. I was exhausted doing this so how they feel at the end of a shift I really don't know and yet they were full of fun and energy, proud of their workmanship and love what they do.
I will remember them when I moan about my ironing and remember all the hard work and love that goes into making that instrument of torture - the ironing board!

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