Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Adventures

Cant believe its 3 weeks since my last post - that's quite a scary fact as it seems like last week! However it is the silly season and I have been away for a few days ....not far away and not for long...but enough to catch my breath and spend some 'together' time with my beloved!

We arrived in JBay on Sunday afternoon and headed straight for the beach to clear our lungs of city air and explore. We paddled along the waters edge stopping to admire the treasures that the sea threw at our feet - JBay is famous for surfing and shells. The latter are a wonderful distraction and I lagged behind photographing some of the most beautiful ones. When I raised my eyes to the horizon my dearest was sat on a rock waving - I raised my camera to capture the moment and watched as his smile turned to surprise and then a grimace. Remember the poem by Steve Smith - Not Waving but Drowning -  well he was not waving but he had an octopus attached to his leg! Yes - of all the fish in the sea - my unique 'usband had to catch an octopus! There it sits smiling under the rock chewing a small spec of Tony's ankle!

Later we dined at the Kitchen Window, we were rewarded by a beautiful rainbow and were tempted to order octopus but decided to forgive and forget.....Perhaps not the waitress though as she was treated to a viewing of my unique one's foot in an effort to get some sympathy from a pretty girl!

Day 2.....and after a delicious breakfast and an hour on the beach - - well away from octopus rock! We picked up freshly caught calamari and headed for the estuary at Kabeljous - my favourite part of JBay as its so unspoilt and windswept. Hearing that there had been sharks spotted earlier in the week - I locked Tony in the car with the paper and headed off for an hour with my camera. The waters here are crystal clear and sandpipers love to sit on the sand banks. I chatted to a young father who was teaching his girls to cast off - times have changed - these were girls learning to fish - not knit! The beach was deserted otherwise and I had the horizon to myself - Bliss!

Day 3.... I was on the beach in my nightie at dawn to capture the sunrise and was not disappointed.

Breakfast with roses - not those farmed and unscented horrors but REAL garden roses - all round and open and dripping with fragrance (the B&B owner brings them from her farm garden)
Another hour on the beach and then a trip to the mall - at the suggestion of my 'allergic to shopping' 'usband - this was an opportunity not to be missed! We scooted off in opposite directions. Me looking for anything to wear that was different and fits me and Him for anything different. He did not disappoint and came back with a Jolly Penguin Paradise and some rather dangerous looking knife tool thingies!

Getting a little bored - my unique one decided to sit in someone else's chair and I would have stopped to take more photos but I just knew the security guard was about to pop out from somewhere and we had a date with Aston Bay and Paradise Beach on the other side of another estuary. We used to take the boys there for day trips and have spent many happy hours barbequing  and fishing in this secluded unspoilt spot. We got lost - No way did this built up township match our memory of this place and we were feeling quite depressed until we turned off the beaten track and found the causeway that took us down memory lane.

On the other side we parked and watched the birds - remembering the picnics, the mud caked feet, the inflated dingy's, the impromptu hand held fishing lines, the sunburnt cheeks, salty kisses, the laughter and yawns coming from the backseat on the way home...and the sandy bath before bedtime - SIGH! We loved those days!
Remebering ours had flown the nest - I captured these birds and enjoyed watching them take off and land as they decided where to spend the night.

We ate prawns with our feet in the sand at Walskipper and then more beachcombing - today's finds included a smiley faced shell and a shell in the shape of an 'S'

And so our too brief holiday ended - Back to PE and trying very hard to keep that holiday feeling!


  1. Looks blissful - especially as my view is one of rain clouds! Have a wonderfully fantastic Christmas!

  2. Thanks darling - I received your ecard - hope all is well in the village and things look less grey and more sparkly soon!