Saturday, December 31, 2011

I am better at Hello's than Goodbyes!

Whilst most people get into party mode on this date, I am the opposite and have coax myself into celebratory status. I said goodbye to my dad on this day 29 years ago and  I feel like I am saying goodbye to another year of my life. I am better at hellos than goodbyes -  I enjoy beginnings more than endings! So to prevent becoming introspective and melancholy this year and to cheer myself up, this year I am going to think of the highlights of 2011.

My birthday in January celebrated with special friends at Shamwari Townhouse was a lovely day to remember. Being spoiled in such elegant surroundings was divine!
In March I crossed another item from my bucket list by enjoying Cirque du Soleil in Cape Town - I have admired this art form since I fist saw it over a decade ago on the Royal Variety Show.

More special because we we went with Sean and Nadine and also enjoyed some family time exploring  wines farms in the Robertson district.
April was a double celebration and we proudly attended Sean's MBA graduation and two days later I flew to the UK to see family and to enjoy a very special wedding!

May brought adventure and the opportunity to cross off another 'must' as we floated above the Karoo in a hot air balloon to celebrate the special birthday of an old friend. It was very peaceful up there and the experience was followed by a weekend of fun with friends.
June brought another flight - this time to visit the family in Pretoria and to sped precious time with our Grandies - who are now back in PE - YAY! another reason to celebrate!
Sean and Nadine set off for Melbourne in July for a year - which is flying by - and then in September, Paul and Shelley relocated back to PE as if the universe knew that we needed family close by as Tony celebrated his 60th in Hugh Heffner fashion with his bunny girls!

It seems that all I did in July, August and September was work. I embarked on a programme to be trained as a Business coach - a lot of hard work and tricky time management but I was VERY proud to find out that my POE was accepted and I was declare competent first time! Quite a rare achievement.

A visit to Shamwari with Jessica was a trip to remember - I was lucky enough to be a winner on Algoa FM and this was a prize to treasure.

October brought more YAYA fun with the Greek Christmas Tea and an opportunity to get close to local celebrity Fab Gino Fabbri!
November brings about a flurry of activity as we run out of time and the year rushes to an end! This year was no exception. In the midst of all this I was putting together a photobook of family pictures and the time spent scanning in memories was a welcome breather from the race against time. We also celebrated a successful year at the embroidery guild, bookclub, work functions and BWA.
So in retrospect its been a busy but successful year - Two radio interviews, three magazine articles and several letters published, 51 blog entires this year and my blog is getting more attention, lots of my photographs in the media and I have managed to get another qualification ......and through it all I have spent precious time with friends and family. Lots to celebrate, be thankful for and feel good about.
Some goodbyes are bittersweet but you have to let go to make room for the new and next year's experiences await with more memories in the making!   Goodbye 2011.

 Happy New Year!

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  1. what a fantastic year - hope 2012 will be full of the same!