Monday, January 16, 2012

Did you get out of bed on the wrong side this morning?

Happiness can be a very elusive quality for some people and now we know why! According to recent research those who sleep on the left hand side of the bed are happier and less stressed than those who sleep on the right so I read in the International Express (so it must be true). Lefties are more cheerful and positive and can cope with their workloads more efficiently. They are more confident and  more likely to be in permanent employment. According to the survey which was conducted by the Premier Hotel Group, the only thing those sleeping on the right have going for them, is that they earn slightly more money!
I reported this to my better half last night who was relaxed and very happily lying on the left hand side of the bed. His position in life ...or in sleep...was responsible for all my troubles, I informed him. He was not convinced nor was he willing to test this theory and allow me one day of potential happiness by swapping sides. Hmmm! I continued to read the paper and consider my lot in life.  Was I doomed to a life of misery? Realising I was not alone helped to console me as there must be a 'leftie' and a 'rightie' in all relationships I thought. Perhaps I should form a support group for others who are condemned to a life on the right side of the bed and the wrong side of life! A Lindt truffle and a small glass of milk would sweeten my lot in life a little, I informed my better half who groaned but dutifully went to fetch them for me. It worked like a charm!
When he returned ........I was occupying the left hand side of the bed and looking like the cat that got the cream. I am looking forward to a day of happiness. Roll over Beethoven!


  1. I, too, sleep on the right - perhaps it's a genetic thing. It was the most depressing day of the year yesterday, apparently. Am doomed.....

  2. Oh no! Dont give into that dark night!!!! Fight it and carry on RUNNING!!!