Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mid Week Rant - Stuck for Choice?

It's payday tomorrow and it's been a very long month - a 6 week month - and just like Mother Hubbard, my cupboards really are bare - not to mention a very sad looking fridge! So I cant put it off any longer - I have to go grocery shopping! So, do I go to Pick and Pay where the fresh produce varies from limp to frot and the shelf packers spend the morning creating an obstacle course for you to navigate - while they have union meetings  by the 2 minute noodles. Where half the stuff you need is out of stock and where the cashier chats away to the packer while you fade away into insignificance - until its time to pay!!
Or shall I be brave and go to Checkers where the fresh produce varies from frot to very frot and you are guaranteed an unpleasant odour around the meat counter.Where the cashier hardly greets you, the conveyor belt is out of order and there is no packer!
Perhaps I should splash out and visit Spar - where the fresh produce is fresh although the choice is limited  - but they do have imported biscuits that only cost an arm and a leg as do a lot of their products. If  I buy only the fresh stuff and the specials then I will have to visit PnP or Checkers for the rest.
If I had won the lottery over the holiday, I would  be able to do a guilt-free shop at Woollies. Where everything looks fresh and yummy the ready meals shout 'eat me' as I walk past the fridge. Alas I didn't inherit a fortune nor am I prepared to 'put it on the card' and, although the quality of everything is tip top, so is the price and I know there will be a lot of month left at the end of the money!
Decisions - Decisions! I would give anything to be able to shop at Asda, Sainsbury's or even Aldo and Morrisons.
We are so being ripped off in this country when it comes to freshness, food prices and customer service ! I will definately be having a strong cup of coffee with my breakfast - a calmette and practice a little deep breathing before I set off. Oh and I mustn't forget the bags - or I will get ripped off for those too!!!!


  1. LOL, funny but so true. Cost of food and what we get for it is shocking.

  2. Sue, I have just returned from Asda, where I go once every so often for the different choice of food, but in particular, the cheap and cheerful special offers. I am always amazed at their cheap fruit and veg - I can only think they sell so much that they can afford to offer it at such low prices and as a result it's really fresh too. Hardly touches the shelves on occasion. but in the village shop, a sad cauliflower costing an arm and a leg can linger there for weeks... Seems to be some logic in selling it cheap enough to persuade people to buy it whilst it's in top condition, wouldn't you think?
    Oh and I think good customer service is priceless as well!

  3. Oops just thought I'd let you know its Aldi and I'm going there tomorrow and not only that there was a £5 voucher in the mirror to put to a £30 shop so we have armed ourselves with 4 newspapers worth and will do 4 separate shops! and yes the veg and fruit are fresh and good value for money!