Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My 2012 to-do list!

Well we are 10 days into 2012 and I am still pondering my New Years Resolutions and wondering how quickly my NY Resolutions have become things to do before you are 60 - where have the years gone!
Each year I set myself a number of goals - career, home, culinary, learning and travel etc and I write these down on the last page of my diary and check on them as the year goes by. I usually get there in the end and no doubt this year will be the same. There is one item that has been on my list for the last 5 years that is outstanding - Can you guess what it is????

My Nan Westwell lived through two world wars and survived pretty much unscathed, my mum lived through WW2 - Our generation has been fortunate to not to have to contend with the horrors of war but the battle that I have lost is the Battle of the Bulge! I know when I set myself the target of dropping a dress size, that it is the hardest goal of all but one that I am going to have to tackle. I love salads, eat very little meat and can easily do without bread or wine for that matter. Its not what I eat at mealtime that is the problem - its what I eat in between. Biscuits, cake, chocolate - forgive me Nan W and Mum but I think you must take some of the blame! Because you had to do without during 'those' years, you were very determined that we would not and we were given lots of biscuits "finish the packet" cakes --"I baked them specially" and sweets " have another one."
In the last decade or so I have done Weighless, Weightwatchers, Slim Shakes, Veg soup,  Curves, Callinetics, Aqua Aerobics and walked the beachfront briskly before breakfast and the scale barely moves. I sometimes feel that my body has an inbuilt ballast like a ship that will correct itself in the water adjusting its weight to stay upright. SOOOOOOO.... this year I AM going to drop a dress size. Reading up about slimmers success stories I have been impressed by the fact that slimmers who keep a food journal lose twice as much weight as those who don't -so I will be adopting that strategy. Those of you who read my blog I want your help and policing and regular reminders that I really don't need that biscuit or piece of cake and no choccie or sweet gifts. Thanks!
My other goals include:-
Don't sweat the small stuff!
Be the best wife, mom, granny, sister, aunt, friend that I can be.
Improve my photography by getting my photographs evaluated and creating more photo opportunities.
Travel to Melbourne to see Sean and Nadine....and take some photos.
Celebrate our Ruby Wedding with a special holiday somewhere.
Swim with dolphins!
Read a biography every month. I have started with Dawn French this month!
Learn to meditate and practice daily.
Be an instrument of change in a positive way.
Write every week - either an article, letter or story and try and earn some money from this hobby.
Learn some new simple healthy food recipes.
Make something for Christmas each month and start my shopping early.
De-clutter and renew effort to sell the house.

That looks like quite a list - wish me luck! I usually have a word that is given to me each year to focus on - a couple of years ago it was "surrender" and I had a great year of release, last year it was space and I think I created space mentally if not physically - this year I have been give 'savour'. I am going to savour each moment and every morsal of the year!


  1. Do you have Slimming World in SA? It's the only programme I've ever 'followed' where I've lost weight - there's a great magazine, the recipes are easy to fit in with family life and are proper food. You can eat anything (to a point) and you don't have to count points, just switch a few products and basically cut down on a few of the things that we know aren't great for you. LOVE that list! Looks a lot like mine. My word is CONCENTRATE!

  2. thanks - I will investigate this! Good luck with your list and your concentration!

  3. Okay who gives you the word???