Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Year's Honours List

If the Queen can have one - why cant I?  I know its a little late but I would like to give acknowledge the 'bests' for me in 2011.

Best Book: Well its a set of three by Marlena de Blasi. A Thousand s in Venice, followed by a Thousand Days in Tuscany and then the Lady at the Palazzo. A combination of a travelogue, a food journal and a love story - Just loved them!

Best Film: Again a Trilogy - Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. The Swedish productions with subtitles - I shan't be bothering with the English version.

Best TV: BBC Prime is my favourite channel but the Downton Abbey series was a winner for me this year.

Best Purchase: My Kindle! Just love the fact that I can order a book from Amazon and its on my Kindle within seconds AND books are so much cheaper. I will still read paper books for auld lang syne!

Best Beauty Product: I have been using Innoxa day cream since forever - they were the first to not test on animals and a fore runner of the Body Shop - another of my favourites. Clinique also deserves a mention for their Turnaround range.

Best Spa Experience: I had a Rasul chamber treatment at Total Concept this year which was divine! I used to LOVE Stoneberry Spa but it closed down. Shambala comes close for a special treatment but for my monthly pedicure and the odd facial you cant beat Celeste in Summerstrand village for value and Erica is the best!

Best Breaking News: Osama Bin Laden is dead! thanks to USA - I loved that they made fish food with his body too!

Best Personal News: Congratulations you have won a weekend at Shamwari - Thanks Algoa FM! Extra special that Jessica could join us on her first weekend back in PE.

Best Invention: Thanks to Skype I can chat to Sean and Nadine in Melbourne and have now seen my sister's newly decorated bedrooms and will be able to have a cuppa and an online chat with her all year round!

Best Store in PE: For great service and a pleasant shopping experience - Summerbreeze Spar. I also love WW but I think that the service is declining in direct proportion to the cost of their products increasing!

Best Airline: I had a really good experience on Etihad this year and I love Kulula too as they got me up and down to Pretoria to see the grandies very cheaply!

Best Restaurant: Tricky as there are so many to choose from! Fusion for Sushi. The Ranch for steaks and Leonardo's for pasta. Shamwari Townhouse for afternoon tea to die for!

Best Fashion: Fudge Clothing - Thank you Nicki for dressing me for all occassions. Mildays has been good to me this year too and I can shop at anytime at Pur Una at Marks and Spencers and will always find the perfect something! Wish they had one here!

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