Monday, February 13, 2012

The City of Love!

I went to see Midnight in Paris last week - a typical Woody Allen Film - but very enjoyable as it combined my loves of movies, art and literature! It swept me away to the most romantic bohemian capital and my memories of a visit there with my sister and husband a couple of years ago.
I visited my sister in late November and while I was packing we chatted on line, "I am trying to travel light," I explained, "Will be be going anywhere fancy?" "Only Paris, "Came back the reply! I nearly fell off my chair - my lovely sister had booked a city break for us to Paris.
Our weekend started very early as our flight was at 4am! Tom was still packing and Julia had made the unfortunate discovery of two right boots - she had bought a new pair to impress the Parisians in! We decided to look on the bright side by thinking of it as an opportunity to meet someone with two left feet! Pulling her older but very stylish boots on we headed for the airport and practiced our French in the taxi! 'Ello, 'Ello Paris!
Our hotel was out of central Paris but very close to Le Metro so we were able to get around 'tres facilement'. In spite of the chilly rain we headed straight to the landmarks Notre Dame Cathedral, L'arc de Triomph, Sacre Coeur, L'ouvre and of course The Eiffel Tower. there were two options to ascend the Eiffel Tower - the lifts "ascenseur" or "escalier" which Julia and I thought meant escalator. We bought our tickets for the latter and ended up walking up a million flights of stairs! Our French was not as good as we thought! We eventually puffed our way onto the 'ascenseur' when we reached the platform! The view from the top was worth it though - Dusk over Paris is very pretty!
Our whole weekend was great fun! Shopping on Champs Elysees - where we had Hot Chocolate and grabbed the chance to sit on a very hansome Santa's knee! Strolling the Latin Quarter - French Onion soup - the Eiffel Tower sparkling on the hour - Le Pont Neuffe - the Louvre where time only allowed us to jog past the most amazing paintings - and of course walking along the banks River Seine!

Our last afternoon in Paris an on our way back to the hotel we went down the steps and walked next to the river. We stopped to rest and watch the passing boat traffic and Tom got out his cigarette lighter - which played La Marseilles. In no time at all the berets and Beaujolaise Nouveau were out. Julia and Tom attempted a French Kiss, which attracted the attention of a passing photographer. I did my very own impersonation of Edith Piaf - "Non je ne Regrette Rien". There was no doubt about it - we were 'in seine" What a wonderful way to end our weekend! Happy Memories!

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