Monday, February 20, 2012

Did you have a nickname once upon a time? Do you still have one? This blog was sparked by an item on the news this morning which mentioned of the mysterious disappearance of Lord Lucan. My sister worked with a chap whose nickname was Lord Lucan - because he kept disappearing!
In fact, the north of England is big on nicknames - I think for the rest of the country (maybe the world), nicknames are confined to Public Schools  - a la Spud! My nickname at school was Skick because of my surname of Van Schaick - it changed to "Sick" when I vomited into my water beaker during school dinners and again to "Stick" when I shot up and lost weight at the same time - I was a fore-runner of Twiggy and occasionally called that too!
There was a girl in our class who we called "Pirate" because she had a sunken chest - I think I qualified for that nickname and was quite relieved that "Stick" stuck before my bra size was found out! My sister swore that she knew a girl nicknamed Beige - because she went with anything! some explaining to do there in later life I think!
Mr G worked at Ford Halewood and nicknames were compulsory - I think his was Brum - because he was a Brummy! I remember him speaking about a guy called Gripe Water - because he almost laughed once or twice. There was "Bigger and Better" because as a typical scouser everything he had was ...... you guessed it! The Ghost was a tall pale guy with white hair who was fond of appearing unannounced.

Of course celebrities all have nicknames - David Beckham - "Golden Balls"  is married to Victoria aka "Posh". Apparently Prince Charles and Camilla call one another Fred and Gladys - I will leave you to decide who's who! Some celebs have joint names like "Branjolena". Madonna becomes Madge and Britt Ekland says Rod Stewart’s pet name for her in the Seventies was apparently “Sex Kitchen”. His needs, she says, with no apparent irony, were “pretty simple”. I’m amazed he didn’t call her Sex Kitchen Football.
In the north of England you are given your nickname, you laugh no matter how embarrassing it is, you live with it! Its a long time since anyone called me "Stick", I have branched out and am more like a tree trunk these days - maybe I would be renamed Bark!


  1. I was called 'worm', or rather 'werm' (scouser's again!) due to my previous surname of Woodward. Happy days. G & I met a couple when we were travelling ages ago who insisted on calling us Gus & Mary. I'll never know why! G also calls me Sausageface - nice.

  2. Ahh - you know its true love when someone calls you sausageface! Can't imagine you as Mary ....or werm!