Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mid Week Rainbow!

Not a rant this week but a rainbow and it isn't because it rained last night!
I received an unexpected little package today containing a letter from my favourite aunty - Aunty Gladys. It was a birthday card and letter full of her news and at 93 that is an accomplishment in itself - to have news! Its shows that she is out and about and in touch with people. Best of all was the lovely gift - a mousemat with visit Garstang on it.
Garstang is a lovely little village in Lancashire (aunty Gladys will kill me) "It's a market town Susan!" I can hear her saying! I love being there because its got a lot of windy weins, interesting buildings, several pubs, a canal, lovely gardens and its surrounded by beautiful hills. What more could you ask for? The mousemat has pictured of all of these and I love it that my mouse can whizz around Garstang - Sadly it cant shop or visit family, aah but the imagination is a wonderful thing!

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  1. Britain is going to be awash with bunting this year - I can feel it!