Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mid Week Rant - Priorities???

In yesterday's paper on page six there was a small mention of how a female was held at knife point in her garage at 8am - yes in broad daylight as she arrived home probably from dropping her kids at school - and robbed of her jewelry, cell phone etc. just around the corner from me.

What was on the front page of yesterdays Herald? A story that the traffic police are threatening to go on strike because they don't like their new uniform! Give me strength!!!! They liked their blue military type of outfit and have objected to grey and white! Strewth! You would think they were being asked to wear pink tutus! Apparently they weren't consulted - I doubt if that chap at the garage who hands out Easter eggs in a bunny outfit was either but he does it with a smile on his face because IT's A JOB! I am wondering if Gok Wan is going to come over and style our traffic cops - Why not? The government have been throwing our money away for nearly 20 years.

Dear Mr President - I'd like to suggest that we spend more money on reducing crime and creating jobs than on new uniforms for incompetent public servants and dear Herald I think you should get your priorites right when printing your newspaper!

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